Corona Third Wave in India: Why Cases Increasing and Preventions to Take

The third wave of Corona in India – As the school opening in different states of India Children are getting Coronavirus infection. Many schools and states reported the Covid-19 positive cases in Children. 

It increases the chances of the Third wave of Corona in India. Central and State Government worried about the third wave of Covid19 in Indian states. Many students found corona positive in Rajasthan, Odisha, and Telangana. Is it the indication of the starting of Corona Virus third wave in India?

Apart from metro cities, people are not following the Covid-19 norms. Nobody can be seen using the face mask in tier2 and tier3 cities as well. This laziness and carelessness may invite the Corona Third wave in India. Doctors already said that the third wave of the corona is more dangerous than the first 2 waves, especially for the children. 

Third Wave of Corona in India

During the time of Covid19 second wave, many experts said that Corona third wave will also come and it will affect the children. But as time pass Covidshield and Covaxin came as lifesaver vaccines from Corona and till now approx 30% population fully vaccinated – The total dose was given 118Cr and people fully vaccinated 41.2Cr.

This Vaccination process of the Indian Government will also play an important role to stop the Corona Third Wave in India. But as the children’s vaccine yet not approved it is hard to say what will happen if Corona third wave will affect them.

Some states still focusing on Online teaching while some have reopened their Schools. Many reports state that School going Children found Corona Positive. Is this the start of Corona Third Wave in the Indian States? 

Chances of Corona Third Wave in India

Its been more than 5 months since the second wave is over from most of the states. The doctors and experts earlier said that the Corona third wave will come between September-January. But all most festival time has been over and no such things could be seen is a good sign for Indians. 

But in India wedding season is also started it has been estimated approx 25Lakh wedding ceremonies to be held till December. People neither follow Social Distancing nor use face masks. So It is hard to say that Corona Cases will not increase in India. 

This Ignorance can invite the Third wave of Covid19 in India. Increasing cases in Children is also a Buzzing Alarm of the Third wave. 

What Experts Saying About Covid19 Third Wave

The renowned doctor and Director of AIIMS Dr. Guleria said that there are fewer chances or no chances of Corona’s Third wave in India. 

He Said:

After the first and second waves of corona in India, there is no possibility of a third wave coming. At this time corona cases are not coming like before. It is clear from this that vaccines are protecting against the Coronavirus. At present, there is no need for a booster dose of vaccine here. 

AIIMS director said that there is no possibility of a third wave of corona in India. He said that gradually this epidemic will become general between us like other diseases.

NITI Aayog Member (Health) Dr. VK Paul said that the decision of the third dose should be based on science. A study is being done on booster doses. We are trying to understand through data and research. He said the second dose is very important for the adult population of India. Those who haven’t been vaccinated should take the dose on priority. 

As seeing the Current Scenario it is good to say that Corona Third Wave will not come To India but we as a people have to take proper precautions and follow the Covid19 norms till the Virus is between us. 

Third Wave covid 19 precautions

Precautions Needed to Stop Third Wave or Spread of Covid19 in India:

There are several precautions needed to stay safe from covid-19 third wave. The Health Department and WHO has given some instructions for prevention from the third wave of Corona which is as follows: –

  1. Wash your hands frequently with soap.
  2. Wear the mask and use a hand sanitizer.
  3. Do not touch your face or mask.
  4. Make a distance of at least 2 yards from the infected.
  5. Use a handkerchief when coughing or sneezing. 
  6. If feeling weakness then stay at home.
  7. Do not smoke and stay away from other lung weakening activities.
  8. Do not go out of the house without any necessary work.

Indian government is making every effort to protect the people from Third wave of Corona. Stay connected with us for other information. You can write your complaint and suggestions in the comment box below.

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